Production Time 1-3 Business Days. Next Day Overnight.

Can I add items to an order already placed?
Yes, but orders get process fairly quickly. If you submit an order and realize you made a mistake email right away.  

If I order on Tuesday will I get my order on Thursday?

If you were to order on Tuesday and the order is submitted in the AM you are likely to get your order Thursday or Friday.

Will I know when my order has shipped?
We don't provide tracking number because we have next day overnight shipping. If you are concerned just email and we can provide you one after a day or so of purchasing.

Is XYZ theme or ABC item available yet?
Every theme and item that is available is currently up on the website. We make notifications on the Facebook page every time a new theme or set of items is launched.

Do you offer Spiderman, Disney Princess, Lego, Super Mario, etc?
We wish we could, but it is illegal to reproduce copyrighted material and sell it. We do however put together our own take on all of the popular themes, we cannot copy the originals and sell them. Keep on eye on the Facebook page and the website for new themed packages.

What are the signs made of?
All of our signs are made of 4mm, high quality, weatherproof corrugated plastic (coroplast) and printed with UV ink for long lasting quality.